Wednesday Hoop Jam (Weekly)


Great spin meet with mega friendly people and tea and biscuits – mega cheap at just £3 for 2.5hrs of practice space!!!

Every Wednesday


All Hallow’s Hall
13 All Hallows Rd

Free Tea and Biccies.

Bring your own mug!

£3/person for whole or part of the evening – there is no reduction if you are only there for part of the night. Please pop your money in the box before you leave.

Please JOIN the Bristol Hoop Jam fb group to look for lift share and special events.

- This is not a class. There are no set teachers. Its a place to practice and have a go.
- You do not have to be/been a Hooping Mad student to come, its open to one-and-all!
- Other props are very welcome so bring your poi, your juggling balls and whatever other toys you have!

Spread the word!!!

Invite all local hoopers/jugglers/spinners etc

All props/non props/everyone welcome!! Plenty of space for hoopers, spinners, jugglers and anyone else that requires space.

Very occasionally the hoop jam will be replaced by visiting teacher workshops but there will be lots of prior warning when this is the case and there is nothing currently planned for Spring 2013. It may be possible to run visiting workshops in a separate space.


Currently music is provided by Hooping Mad

If anyone wants to donate their music for the jam please bring it along- it needs to be able to be connected to the PA so mp3/ipod/laptop works.

We’ll change the music up every week so everyone gets to have a go at their music.


A Hoop Jam is a space with music that is provided for hoopers and similar manipulators to meet and practice.

It is open to all.

It is a chance to hoop/dance/train/practice in an indoor space with lots of room.

Some people come to hoop/play/train solidly for the whole time. Others treat it as a social event. Most people are somewhere in the middle and use it both to practice and meet friends.

We’re really friendly so please come along and see what it’s all about.

There is NO FORMAL TEACHING at the Hoop Jam.

There will be some spare hoops available so if you are a beginner and want to come along please do. People are very friendly and will help you get started.

Also, informal trick swapping is standard at Jams just make sure you wait until people have stopped what they’re doing before you ask.

Hope to see you there!

The Hooping Mad Team x

For details of other local Bristol Spin Meets see here!