Emma_ Twin Fire Spin Summit

My fire wicks are Bendy Wicks from the UK.

They attach directly to hoops. I put 5 x wicks on each 34″ Polypro hoop. They are light and strong and reasonably priced. Yay!

I have never used such hardy wicks. You can bash them around and they don’t split or even loosen. The best.



Emma Blue LEDs Foot


If you got to see them my amazing LEDs are Astral hoops.

Mine are the double density lights 31″ inner diameter. The new patterns are amazing.

If you are buying then use my code “Kenna” in the AMBASSADOR CODE box please 🙂



Hoops by Hoopologie
Hoops by Hoopologie



I get my HDPE and Polypro coildown hoops for Hoopologie in the US. They sell individual hoops as well as bulk tubing and are awesome.

Pictured are my current hoops of choice: 4 x 34″ 5/8″ HDPE in blue, green, pink and purple and 2 x 36″ 3/4″ Polypro in Orchid Royale

If you are looking for individual hoops or batches in Europe then check out Gail’s HoopSpin store




Moo Cards v2



My half size business cards with my pics on them I made mega-easily using MOO.

They are great value and REALLY easy to make.

You just grab your pics directly from fb!! If you use this referral link then you get 10% off your first order and I get a bit of money off my next order too.

Everyones a winner 🙂



airbnb websiteI travel A LOT and I’m a big fan of AirBnB.

Not heard of AirBnB?

Stay in amazing real houses in awesome places (worldwide!) for great prices OR/AND earn some extra cash renting out your spare room or flat/whole house when you’re not there

New people can use this link to get 18 euro off your first stay

Hostels and hotels are a thing of the past.

Check it out!

eco bottle

Do your bit to reduce plastic waste in countries where the tap water isn’t safe to drink!
I use this one and love it but there’s loads of options.

Crotch angles and written