6-8pm Friday 24th Apr EDINBURGH
12-3.30pm Saturday 25th Apr EDINBURGH

North Merchiston Club
48 Watson Crescent
EH11 1EP


6-8pm Friday 24th April

Rolling with Twins

Learn all about how to nail your back and chest rolls and a ton of variations on them. We’ll cover fake rolls, rolls to and from the foot, half rolls and turning rolls :) Then we’ll work on adding another hoop to include ocho rolls, behind body catches and more. It’s my current fave thing and can’t wait to share it all with you! Yay!

12-3.30pm Saturday 25th April

Fabulous Folds with One and Two Hoops

I LOVE Folds. We’ll work on diverse ways to fold the hoop including Z spin Weaves (inc turning Z-spin weaves and partner weaves for the brave :P) foldicopter variations and transitions, extended butterflops, chest folds, bum folds (including the hot cross buns) plus fancy step throughs, spins and starts. We’ll be working with both one and two hoops and they’ll be something for everyone beginner – advanced :)


The workshops are all levels but beginner hoopers should be confident spinning the hoop on their hands and be able to do a standard forwards figure 8. Saying that – I can help with this on the day if you let me know and arrive 10mins before the class :)

Workshops will start with basics but there will be options for even the most advanced hoopers.


Please bring a couple of lightweight hoops if you have them. I’ll have some extras if you don’t.


Special last minute prices :)
Friday: £19 (max 10 people)
Saturday: £34
Both: £49

Emma Workshops EDINBURGH Apr 2015