Taught by Emma

Taught by Emma

12-6.30pm Saturday 18th Oct EDINBURGH

North Merchiston Club
48 Watson Crescent
EH11 1EP


12-6.30pm 3 x Hoop Workshops

Midday Registration

12.15-1.45 Outside Isolation

1.45 -2.45pm
Pot Luck (Late) Lunch – please bring something to share and we can all tuck in together :)

2.45 -4.15pm Creativity and the Dark Side

4.15-4.30 Break

4.30-6pm Columns – your guide to lifts, paddles and vortexes

6-6.30 Hoop Jam/Stretching time :)

The workshops are all levels but beginner hoopers should be confident spinning the hoop on their hands and be able to do a standard forwards figure 8.

Workshops will start with basics but there will be options for even the most advanced hoopers.

Day format:
Please bring a couple of lightweight hoops.

Whole day £70
Special bring a friend price 2 x spaces for £120
One workshop = £30
Two workshops = £52
Limited Spaces

Emma Workshops EDINBURGH Sat 18th Oct
Which workshops?

More info on workshops:

Outside Isolation

This workshop covers the basics of two handed, single handed isolations and isolated turns. We’ll also cover some more unusual isolations from different grips including one handed outside isolations/balances and snake isoturns and passes. We’ll also look into using the coin flip from different grips and investigate how this allows us to move around the isolation positions. This workshop is great for those wishing to get a solid grounding in isolations as well as those wanting to add to their repertoire.

Please bring a lightweight hoop

Creativity and the Dark Side

Everything has been done with a circle by now, right?
Not even close!
Creativity is not just for ‘some’ people. There is no reason why YOU can’t be discovering tricks and movements and this workshop is designed to
get you thinking about how you can change up your favourite moves into something new and individual. In this workshop we will expand our
spacial awareness to places we don’t normally hoop. We will be utilising the unused space around the body (specifically behind) to access YOUR
creativity as well as learning some awesome behind the back tricks!

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Columns – your guide to lifts, paddles and vortexes

Ways of moving the hoop around the body without using the core itself. We’ll go through some interesting lift variations, paddling up and down the body and some different versions of the vortex. It’s all about off body core hooping :P