Taught by Emma

Taught by Emma

6-9.30pm Wednesday 3rd Dec OXFORD

Pegasus School
Field Avenue


6-9.30pm 2 x Hoop Workshops

6-7.30pm Workshop 1: Fancy Tricks and Flourishes

8-9.30pm Workshop 2: Twins: Change Your Perspective

The workshops are all levels but beginner hoopers should be confident spinning the hoop on their hands and be able to do a standard forwards figure 8.

Workshops will start with basics but there will be options for even the most advanced hoopers.

Day format:
Please bring a couple of lightweight hoops

Price =
1 Workshop = £25
2 Workshops = £40
Limited places

Emma Workshops OXFORD Wed 3rd Dec

More info on workshops:

Workshop 1

Fancy Tricks and Flourishes

It’s a separate skill to produce a ta-da! moment and this workshop is a mish mash collection of the fancy tricks that do just that! In this workshop we will cover a number of ‘crowd pleaser’ tricks including folds, rolls, throws and passes. We will also cover some quick and simple flourishes: Spins, twists and mini-throws that can add an added wow-factor to your hooping style!

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Workshop 2

Twins! Change your Perspective

Emma Blue LEDs FootTwin hooping can be a bit daunting. When using one hoop, hoopers are willing (and able) to sometimes ‘just dance’ and not worry about the tricks. Add a second hoop and the ability to just play/just dance is often lost. I want to prove it doesn’t have to be!

Using some of my favourite twin hoop movements, we will explore ways to help you open up your creativity and fall in love/more in love with twin hooping.

You don’t need to be a twins hooper to get loads from this workshop. All tricks will be taught with one hoop first and those that want the challenge can try with two. All exercises will be accessible and useful to the whole group, This workshop has been specifically put together to cater to all levels from beginner to advanced.

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2