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Check out the tour dates for live workshops

Week long intensives also available on request

General Workshops:

Fancy Fails

Workshop_GHC_raised hands


Everyone drops the hoop! It’s part of learning, the creative process and an inevitable problem you will face when performing, whether it’s on a stage or just trying to show off some moves to friends after a few drinks!! This workshop will teach you how to pick up the hoop in ways that’ll make it seem like you dropped it on purpose. Easy starts, kick ups, springs, spins, wedgies and even a few more acrobatic variations! Turn your ‘fails’ into your best tricks!


The Crotch Extravaganza!

Thigh hoop See Ying

A whole workshop devoted to hoop tricks involving the nether regions. They’ll be crotch flips, slams, grabs, rolls and jumps as well as a load of wedgies. Get ready to put some thrust into it!

This is an all levels workshop with all tricks covered from the beginning and more advanced/two hoop variations for those desiring a greater challenge!

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2.

This workshop is available ONLINE for download: The Crotch Extravaganza! Online Workshop

The Crotch Strikes Back!

Whether you’re a full on crotch specialist or a complete newbie this workshop will provide you with more wedgies, more rolls, more springs and of course, more thrusting. This workshops is the second workshop in the evolving Crotch Trilogy. It is a follow on to ‘The Crotch Extravaganza!” but can equally be taken as a completely stand alone workshop.

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2


Creativity and the Dark Side

Everything has been done with a circle by now, right?
Not even close!
Creativity is not just for ‘some’ people. There is no reason why YOU can’t be discovering tricks and movements and this workshop is designed to
get you thinking about how you can change up your favourite moves into something new and individual. In this workshop we will expand our
spacial awareness to places we don’t normally hoop. We will be utilizing the unused space around the body (specifically behind) to access YOUR
creativity as well as learning some awesome behind the back tricks!

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Learn for Keeps

Workshops are amazing! At the end of a great class you can feel like you have learned tons of new tricks and have a wealth of information to
process. Then you get home and you can barely remember what you did let alone integrate the tricks into your hooping repertoire. Now’s the
time to change this! In this workshop we’ll be learning some fun new tricks (I can’t help myself) but we’ll be taking our awareness to how we
learn and more importantly how to integrate our new knowledge effectively. This workshop will provide you with the tools to maximise how
much you get out of any workshop.

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Twins! Change your Perspective

Emma Blue LEDs FootTwin hooping can be a bit daunting. When using one hoop, hoopers are willing (and able) to sometimes ‘just dance’ and not worry about the tricks. Add a second hoop and the ability to just play/just dance is often lost. I want to prove it doesn’t have to be!

Using some of my favourite twin hoop movements, we will explore ways to help you open up your creativity and fall in love/more in love with twin hooping.

You don’t need to be a twins hooper to get loads from this workshop. All tricks will be taught with one hoop first and those that want the challenge can try with two. All exercises will be accessible and useful to the whole group, This workshop has been specifically put together to cater to all levels from beginner to advanced.

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Mismatched Twins

This is twin hooping with a difference! Explore the use of 2 different sized hoops to create a visually impressive effect. The capacity for one hoop to pass through the other adds a multitude of possibilities. It’s great fun to play with and there’s loads of new tricks to be found with this interesting variation on twin hooping.

This is an all levels workshop. All tricks will be covered with one hoop for newer hoopers and then we’ll add the second hoop for the more intermediate/advanced.

Please bring all the hoops you are happy to share! We’re going to have to swap them around so everyone has the correct hoop combination.

Fancy Tricks and Flourishes

It’s a separate skill to produce a ta-da! moment and this workshop is a mish mash collection of the fancy tricks that do just that! In this workshop we will cover a number of ‘crowd pleaser’ tricks including folds, rolls, throws and passes. We will also cover some quick and simple flourishes: Spins, twists and mini-throws that can add an added wow-factor to your hooping style!

This workshop is available ONLINE for download:

Fancy Tricks and Flourishes – Part 1 Online Workshop

Fancy Tricks and Flourishes – Part 2 Online Workshop: The Palm Spins Edition!

Fancy Tricks and Flourishes – Part 3 Online Workshop: The Foot Pass Edition!

Fancy Flourishes

In this follow up to the hugely successful ‘Fancy Tricks and Flourishes’ workshops we’ll play with a load of my favourite hoop tricks. Learn of several folds and flips, foot pass variants and penguin figure 8s as well as some two hoop variations.

Please note: It is not necessary to have done the ‘Fancy Tricks and Flourishes’ workshop to take this one.

Everything elbows

Emma LED Elbows SCPasses, throws, breaks, folds and duck ins are just a few of the moves that can be done from the elbows. In this series of videos we will work on elbow hooping the vertical plane. We’ll investigate the huge range of breaks and folds you can do from the elbow. We’ll cover standard elbow passes, adding in some interesting variations including duck ins. We’ll also explore the numerous ways to transition in and out of standard elbow movements so you can easily add your new tricks into your current flow.

This workshop is available ONLINE for download: Everything Elbows Online Workshop

Break out the wings!

All you need to know to get hooked on using the elbows when the hoop is in the horizontal plane.
Most people know how much I love elbows. To add to the previously taught workshops (Everything Elbows and Transitioning with Elbow Folds) and complete the Hooping Mad Elbow Trilogy this workshop will focus on all the tricks you can do with horizontal elbows! We will cover the classic passes, ways to get in and out of horizontal elbow hooping, elbow breaks, pinches and folds!

Breaking Planes and Transitioning using Elbow Folds aka Intro to Cradle and Chicken!

Always find yourself hooping in the same planes? Rotating the hoop using elbow folds will add a whole new dimension to your hooping. A simple change of grip can completely change the way that you transition. You will leave the workshop playing with the two basic cradles that enable a multitude of horizontal and vertical folds. We’ll explore different ways to access the fold position, from both off body and on body and create new patterns in untangling. It’s an opportunity to develop your individual style: everyone tangles and untangles in different ways, so you’re guaranteed to uncover new, personalised combinations.

Outside Isolation

This workshop covers the basics of two handed, single handed isolations and isolated turns. We’ll also cover some more unusual isolations from different grips including one handed outside isolations/balances and snake isoturns and passes. We’ll also look into using the coin flip from different grips and investigate how this allows us to move around the isolation positions. This workshop is great for those wishing to get a solid grounding in isolations as well as those wanting to add to their repertoire.

Please bring a lightweight hoop

Roll with it

Rolling at hoop camp

This workshop will give you a grounding in the standard back and chest rolls as with some interesting ways to start. We’ll also look at doing some half rolls from figure 8s.
We’ll work with some ‘fake’ rolls from a number of different positions which, in my opinion, look the flashiest of all the rolls! We’ll also be learning how to roll the hoop up and down the legs and it wouldn’t be a Hooping Mad workshop if we didn’t include some crotch rolls 🙂

Please bring a lightweight hoop


Flowers for Hoopers

Is hand hooping a bit too uninvolved for you? By working with and understanding both normal and anti-spin you will learn the basic of flowers. This can turn normal hand hooping into a new realm of possibility if you have never experimented with them before. You will learn how to work with the different planes the hoop resides in with respect to body positions. By adding turning you will come away with a limitless trick catalogue to investigate.

Expanding your Horizontal Jump Repertoire and Plane Melting

Bored always doing the same jumps? Then come and get unstuck! This dynamic workshop will have you thinking up new variations on standard jumps and have you coming up with simple transitions that can dramatically change the overall look and feel of a move. Working in the horizontal plane you will learn how to do a number of basic jumps. Then by varying direction, hand position and plane melting you’ll learn to create different effects and transitions. Not only will your jumps look more interesting, this will also add transitions between moves and make your play more diverse.

Expanding your Vertical Jump Repertoire and Grip variation

Do you prefer to keep both feet on the floor? This workshop will help you find the jumps that work for you! Working on the vertical plane you will learn all the jumps possible from a basic figure 8 start. You will then learn how to explore the use of different grips and body positions to find new ways of jumping.

Columns – your guide to lifts, paddles and vortexes

Ways of moving the hoop around the body without using the core itself. We’ll go through some interesting lift variations, paddling up and down the body and some different versions of the vortex. It’s all about off body core hooping

Legs/Knees – What it says on the tin!

We’ll cover the basics of knee hooping for the newer hoopers and some great drills for increasing your movement at the knees. We’ll look at some fun ways of getting in and out of knee hooping. Plus ankles and the dreaded kickups! Leg warmers recommended!!!

All the 8s (Twins)

We’ll be covering wall plane based twin moves where both hoops are in the same hand and making an 8 shape. The workshop will include gripped ochos, isohoop techniques, folds and key transitions in and out of these moves.

Weaves, Fountains and Reels (Twins)

Working on these core poi-hoop techniques. Covering standard 3bt weaves, cradle/chicken weave variants, turning with weaves, fountains, windmills, hip reels, waist wraps and meltdowns. We’ll also be covering key transitions in and out of these moves.

Transitioning with Twins – 2 hoop workshop

Please note: The tricks/transitions covered in this workshop can just as easily be applied to one hoop play.
In this workshop we will cover having a hoop on the hand and one at the waist, horizontal and vertical off-body movement with twins. We will then learn ways of transitioning between these tricks including step outs/step ins, lifts, jumps and stalls. This will give you a good basis for dancing with your twins which will make it easier to add in more complex tricks as you progress.
Emma will be happy to cover extra variations/more difficult combinations for those at a more advanced level.

Twin Hoop Trickery – 2 hoop workshop

A workshop of some of my favourite twin hoop tricks. With twins we’ll cover (with variations for those more advanced) coin flips, windmills, hip reels and waist wraps.

You don’t need to be a twins hooper to get loads from this workshop. Everything will be taught with one hoop first and those that want the challenge can try with two.

This workshop has been specifically put together to cater to all levels from beginner to advanced

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Twin Hooping – Separating the hands – 2 hoop workshop

By separating the movement of the hands you can use all the tricks you know with one hoop and take them into twins. This becomes a great way of finding new tricks and is a great way to create new and exciting patterns. Starting with spinning the hoops on the hands we’ll explore lots of moves that can be done with one hand while the other hoop stays in one trick. Visually appealing and opens up a whole new range of movement with twins that can be very individual.

Poi hooping ‘classic’ tricks – 2 hoop workshop

Everything you need to know to start exploring poi-hooping. In this workshop we cover the ‘classic’ poi-hoop tricks including spinning the hoops on the hands, the 2 beat and 3 beat weave, the windmill, the corkscrew and thread the needle.

This tricks are the basis for a whole world of poi hoop tricks.

Using your Feet!

Emma_Foot hooping


In this workshop we will be focusing on all the many ways we can use our feet when hooping. While standing we will cover how to use the feet to throw, catch, roll, stall and pass. We’ll also cover floorwork, learning to spin the hoop on the foot including starting in multiple ways, passing between feet, throws to the foot and moving around on the floor. As well as learning a ton of cool tricks you’ll go away with loads of ideas to play with!
Please note: They’ll be some two hoop variations to play with for those at a more advance level!

On – Off body transitions – limitless possibilities

We will investigate on-body to off-body transitions utilising various grip variations and plane melting. Lifts and step outs are standard ‘tricks’ we all learn at the beginning of our hoop journey but the focus on doing them the same as our teachers and peers disguises the wealth of transitions we can discover in investigating these somewhat simple movements in more detail.
In this workshop, participants are introduced to a choice board worksheet they can use to enhance creativity and to break out of standard on:off body transitions and form their own repertoire. Learn a load of new and fun lifts and step outs and a few simple rules to unlock limitless ways of moving from on to off body.

Neck and shoulder duckouts

On the horizontal plane, starting with neck duck outs with one arm out, progressing through breaks and stalls to shoulder passes. Can also expand this to the vertical plane.

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More workshops are added all the time.  If you don’t see what you need then contact us and Emma will develop a workshop for you.

I would recommend Emma’s workshops because..

“Just brilliant teaching – fun and easy to follow, and not bombarded with impossible looking tricks that aren’t broken down or explained in detail, as I have experienced with some other teachers.”

“You get great value for money. Always. )”

“I haven’t been hooping for very long and this was my fisrt workshop, I was quite anxious about whether I would be good enough, but Emma broke it down so I picked stuff up quite quickly!! It was a lot of fun and I will reccomend the workshop to all the other hoopers I meet along my hooping way!!!”

“Emma Rocks! She is an inventive, comprehensive teacher who has done wonders for the hooping community!”

“they are so much fun, and Emma is an awesome, patient teacher. I find Emma’s approach to teaching hoop is quite laid back which creates a great workshop atmosphere, but this doesn’t stop you learning loads.”

‘Emma’s friendly and fun teaching style makes you feel at ease. This makes a great learning environment! Emma breaks down tricks logically which made them much easier to learn. The music was brilliantly uplifting. It is a great way to meet other local hoopers. x’

“Emma makes learning knew tricks, grips, jumps & any hoopy moves accessible & fun. She breaks it all down so well for all levels & brings it all together with great ideas for tranistioning between moves. I always come away feeling inspired & enthusiastic.”

“Emma is a fantastic teacher who thoroughly tears through workshops so you come away with a head full of knowledge. It’s always a great laugh and a fantstic way to meet people.”

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