I get asked about the music in my workshops a lot so here is all the information in one place so it’s easy to find!

My speaker is a minirig. Made in Bristol but you can buy them online. Lightweight, loud, usb charging and can be connected with others. I’m not sure how I ran workshops without one!

I have included a few screenshots of my main playlist below.

The majority of the electro swing is from a couple of albums you can buy on itunes = Electro Swing Fever and Electro Swing Fever Vol 2. Google tells me there is also now a volume 3!










Currently I prefer Electro Funk to the SWing. A.Skillz is a fave and Iäve used a couple of their tracks for videos and performances as well as for workshop music.


I also play a lot of ‘An Awesome Wave’ by Alt-J and ‘django djamgo’ by Django Django. Both fantastic albums.






I also use these AMAZING FREE downloadable mixes from Itchy Feet. Some are better than others but they are all really good and all really different. Probably the best music find online I’ve ever had 🙂
My main playlist from 2014 Tour

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

Crotch angles and written