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Reverse 3-Beat Weave


Learn the 3 Beat Weave with Emma over a 5 week course! Register now to join the private fb group where you’ll receive weekly exercises designed to take you step by step to the 3 beat weave!

Post a practice video every week to show you’ve tried every exercise and if you don’t have it by the end of the course you can get you’re money back!


“I am so grateful to Emma for her fabulous 5 week 3 beat weave course! I had been trying to learn this move for months, getting disheartened that I couldn’t quite work it out, despite having watched lots of tutorials. Each week Emma gave us a really clear explanation of an exercise to do, and they gradually built up my understanding and my muscle memory, so that when we finally put it all together I was thrilled to be doing the 3 beat weave. I’ve done online courses before, but I’ve never had such great support and constructive feedback as Emma gave each time I posted a video in the closed group. And of course, Emma being Emma means that she keeps the five weeks feeling like fun!”
Christine O’Neill (@hulagran)

“This WORKS! After 11 years of hooping & many, many attempts to get this move, I’ve finally nailed it! Emma breaks down the move into achievable steps, building the skills needed to execute the 3 beat. The feeling of success each week keeps you motivated. I cannot recommend this enough if you’re struggling with this move or learning it for the first time. Looking forward to more like this!”
Mond Tivey