Teaching at TADAHLet us take you to new depths with your hooping! All in the perfect hoop holiday setting!

We are really really excited about this new event. We have been talking for years about how we never have enough time in a weekend of workshops to really get through the material we want to cover and we have been waiting for the perfect venue to appear to run a fully intensive week each. We have found that perfect place and it is the amazing TADAH in beautiful Antalya, Turkey. With a max of 11 students (plus me and Brecken) it’s a chance to get some serious quality tuition time with us 🙂

Do an intensive week of hooping in beautiful surroundings and the most stunning space you have ever used! There’s 20hrs of hoop workshops each week plus excursions to see the stunning surroundings, incredible food and 24hr access to the outstanding TADAH training space.

Having only 11 students per week makes it a truly intimate event and gives us the chance to really tailor our teaching to the individual needs of the participants.

Come and learn with me for a week or with Brecken for a week or get really serious about your hoop skills and join us for both weeks 🙂

We can’t wait to hoop with you!

Brecken and Emma xx

A week with Emma Kenna 24th April – 1st May 2016

20hrs of workshops with Emma plus jams and excursions

Emma Bali TADAHIt’s been a while since I’ve taught my regular weekly classes and I miss having the time to help hoopers to find their own style and realise their own trick innovation potential. This week allows us to do just that! We’ll be learning a ton of tricks (’tis what I do after all :P) but more than that we will be exploring each of your own abilities to create your own styles. This is not dependant on your skill level but on your ability to make mistakes and go with it and accessing this is 100% the best trick I can teach you! We’ll be working on wedgies, rolls, twins, feet, floor and more with a focus on building a strong all round foundation and gaining an arsenal of exercises to allow your own continued creativity 🙂

Emma x

1 place available for Emma’s week

2016 Emma TADAH Full

A week with Brecken Rivara 1st May – 8th May 2016

20hrs of workshops with Brecken plus jams and excursions

brecken baliWith 20 hours of instruction (uh, wow), I’ll be able to go WAY deeper into the movements that make for a richer, more “carried” experience with the hoop.
In all of my hooping- be it spinning, sailing, transitioning and even floor hooping, I follow a certain set of body-oriented concepts and techniques that dictate my style and help me explore. Elements of breath, weight, tipping, ramps and transitional imagery all come together in a winding of 8’s and spirals that follow the path of least resistance toward the feeling of being carried by a gust of wind.
It’s a lot to get to, but with 20 hours of instruction, we can truly unravel a ton of my favorite movements –Waves and transitions, lifts, bounces, barrels, shoulders, floor work and a little on-body– so that hoopers can understand the methods at the heart of my hooping/movement and use them toward their personal flow.

Brecken x

2 places available for Brecken’s week

2016 Brecken Hoop Intensive TADAH

Vid from the 2015 Hoop Intensive

Here’s the venue which is located near to Antalya, Turkey

Check out the WEATHER for May 😛

Check out See Ying’s awesome pics of the last TADAH hoop intensive

Join the TADAH fb group for more pics and info!


ONE WEEK COST = £600 (€742)
(or 6 payments of £104 (€129) – Payment plan option now closed)

TWO WEEK COST = £1060 (€1310)
(or 6 payments of £180 (€223) – Payment plan option now closed)

Your week ticket includes:

All 20hrs of workshops
Evening Jam time
Dorm Accommodation
Two excursions (tbc but one will be the beach :P)
All your food! Amazing Veggie meals!
Make your own pizza evening
Transfer from Antalya Airport to TADAH
24hr access to the amazing TADAH training space
Access to the TADAH swimming pool and gardens 🙂

NOT included:
Your travel to Antalya
(you will need to arrange travel to Antalya Airport)

Secure your space NOW:

TADAH May Intensives with Emma and Brecken 2016

Please note that the total cost with payment plan is £624 (€792) for one week and £1080 (€1371) for two.

Cancellation Policy

Hooping Mad or TADAH will refund the ticket price minus non-refundable £65 deposit on prepaid tickets cancelled up to and including 10th April 2016. Alternatively you may re-sell your ticket at any time.

Some pics for you:

The Perfect Workshop Space
The Perfect Workshop Space
Beach day :)
Beach day 🙂
Awesome food
Awesome food
Trip to the Canyon
Trip to the Canyon
Make your own Pizza night
Make your own Pizza night
Pool time :P
Pool time 😛