Saturday 27th Dec 2020

Thank-you! Your payment has been received for Cyber SWhoop!


Please copy for your own use/save this page URL

Please do not share Zoom room details!

I will also send an email out before the event with all the details just in case you cant find this page πŸ™‚


Meeting ID: 884 7864 2384

Passcode: 131775

The HOOP room will have music playing in the breaks between workshops so can be used as a Hoop Jam space πŸ™‚


Meeting ID: 889 4603 1776

Passcode: 204511

The SPIN room will be open in the breaks between workshops for chatting/meeting other hoopers πŸ™‚

Please note: 5 mins before a session the music/audio chat will be muted to allow the teacher to prepare for the class

Where possible please arrive at the room 5mins before the class starts. If you arrive late into a workshop – double check you are muted and please be respectful of the teacher and other students

We are recording all workshops during the live event so they can be made available to you all afterwards πŸ™‚

The workshop videos will be available HERE after the LIVE event!

Please note: The recordings are almost entirely just the teacher apart from a section at the end where it’s on gallery view we wave and thank the teacher as a group πŸ™‚ Everyone is small on the screen. If you prefer not to be in the recordings at all please make sure your video is off on zoom in the workshops you attend live.

Cyber SWhoop Show!

The LIVE event will end with Teacher & Guest Performances and the show will be a mini-(&very abstract) Xmas Pantomime called Peter Fan & Captain Hoop πŸ™‚

At a later point I’ll send out performer paypal info for donations direct to performers. 
Think of it like a virtual street show with a paypal ‘hat’!

What to Bring

All info on the workshops and what to bring can be found HERE but here’s a quick list:

*Hoops for the hoop workshops obviously and clothing you are comfortable hooping/dancing in.

*For Lisa Lottie’s Multiple’s Workshop: leggings or shorts, no baggy clothing. – 2x or more hoops ideally 33″ upwards

*Supportive comfortable shoes if you’re on hard floor or bare feet with carpet for Amanda’s Shuffling workshop

*Head dresses/hats/wigs/costume for the SWhoop Costume competition. Theme is Xmas Panto – Peter Pan & Captain Hoop so anything Panto (look up British Pantomime), Peter Pan or Xmas themed. PLEASE NO MISREPRESENTATION/APPROPRIATION OF NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE (eg. feather head dresses etc – that’s a part of the Peter Pan story we can leave out forever).

*Ukulele and Xmas spirit for Emma’s Ukulele workshop

*For Sian’s Pimp my Lashes Workshop: A pair of false eye lashes and eyelash glue, Scissors or craft knife,Tweezers and coloured paper scraps. Plus sequins, glitter, gems and whatever else is lying around to pimp your lashes. You will also need a selection of eye makeup to do the eye look. Bright colours encouraged

*For Christo’s wrapping paper up-cycling workshop: wrapping paper, scissors, gluestick, ruler/measuring tape. Christo also sent this xmas Youtube playlist and Soundcloud playlist for perfect listening while crafting.

*Fans for ImanMoveso’s Fans workshop. All grips and sizes welcome!

*2/3 yoga blocks-1 pillow- 2 small water bottles for Yoga with Manu

See you there πŸ™‚

Emma xx

ps. If you can’t get into the zoom room for any reason please make sure you have updated zoom then CHECK YOUR EMAIL.  If there is a general problem I will EMAIL you new details πŸ™‚