Bringing some of your favourite SWhoop teachers & some new exciting faces to your living room!

Multiples! (2+ hoop) with Lisa Lottie (Australia)
Kitchen Floor Hooping (1 hoop) with Brecken Rivara (USA)
Fan Extensions with ImanMoveso (USA)
Warm Up with The Fiery Pixies (Indonesia/South Africa)
Intro to Jaw-Breaks (1 hoop) with Christina Hicks aka @tall_tina_twirls (USA)
Flippy Foldy Fun (1 hoop) with Hulagran (UK)
Get Shuffly with Amanda McKenna aka @lupa_howl (Australia)

Xmas Wrapping Paper Up-cycling with Chrito Phillm (Germany)
Reverse Flow (1 hoop) with Anetak Raketak (Czech Republic)
Pimp my Lashes with Sian aka Project Pixies (UK)
Breathe & Release Yoga with Manu Romano (Italy)
Xmas Ukulele with Emma Kenna (Indonesia/UK)

Schedule (updated 23/12):

Specific Workshop Information

The Fiery Pixies

8-9am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Warm Up

Fun warm up games with the amazing Fiery Pixies

You will need:


Lisa Lottie

9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Multiples! (2+ hoops)

Come and do multiple on body drills with me! you only need 2 hoops for this unless you already work with more. All levels are welcome! i recommend you GRIP your hoops (gaffer, medical, 3M, hoop wax are all great choices)

You will need:

-leggings or shorts, no baggy clothing. – 2x or more hoops ideally 33″ upwards

Sian Drew aka Project Pixie Face & Body Art

9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Pimp My Lashes

Learn how to pimp your false lashes and do a dramatic eye look. Omg hun so extra

You will need:

A pair of false eye lashes and eyelash glue, Scissors or craft knife,Tweezers and coloured paper scraps. Plus sequins, glitter, gems and whatever else is lying around to pimp your lashes. You will also need a selection of eye makeup to do the eye look. Bright colours encouraged

Anetak Raketak

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Reverse Flow (1 hoop)

One hoop workshop about a combination of tricks and how to reverse them to spice up flow.

I will teach my routine x reversed, and then It will be kinda brainstorming and creating your own style.

You will need:

One hoop ideally between 70-85cm. (28-32″)

Amanda McKenna aka @lupa_howl

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Get Shuffly

EDM and Harder styles have various dance spin-offs and styles AND has become increasingly popular. People are “getting shuffly” all over the world. In this workshop we are going to focus on the absolute foundational moves. Shuffling is high intensity but you can take it slow and groove with it to anything. I’ll show you how ?
What we will cover:

? Building Stamina.
? 4 entry Shuffle Steps.
? Playing with the steps in sequences.
? Examples of Hoop Moves you can do when cutting shapes

You will need:

Supportive comfortable shoes if you’re on hard floor or bare feet with carpet. A water bottle and an open mind ready for fun!


12.15-1.15pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Flippy Foldy Fun (1 hoop)

Christine will be sharing some of her favourite folds and creative combos. One hoop. No prerequisites.

You will need:

A hoop!

Emma Kenna

12.15-1.55m UK TIME in the SPIN room

Xmas Ukulele

Come and learn to play a festive tune on the ukulele!

You will need:

A tuned ukulele (please see here for tuning help), bring you kazoo if you have one and any other random instruments are welcome 🙂

Brecken Rivara

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Kitchen Floor Hooping (1 hoop)

Dance with the hoop while on the floor- studio not required. Some of my favorite indoor-casual hoop play combined with nerdy nuance and a couple of fave combos to get the flow going. In this class we’ll learn how to connect with the hoop’s momentum while getting up, getting down, crawling around and spinning on our butts. Easier than you might think but with infinite depths available for tricking out the ride and some concepts for further exploring

You will need:

One hoop: medium size (hip height diameter). Socks and clothes covering back/thighs are useful.


2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Fan Extensions

I will be teaching a few different variations of our basic extensions. We will move from the most simple all the way up to a flowing choreography phrase at the end!

You will need:

One pair of fans! All grips and sizes welcome!

Christina Hicks aka @tall_tina_twirls

4-5pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Ghost Stories (1 hoop)

Ghosting isolation variations of all kinds as well as a short combo linking together some of my favourites

You will need:

Single hoop of any size. It’s helpful if you can reach both sides with arms crossed but not necessary

Christo Phillm

4-5pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Wrapping Paper Upcycling

Let’s use your old xmas wrapping paper and give it another life. We will cut, fold, craft and upcycle the paper into little cute objects to decorate your home (…or to give as a belated xmas present…)!

You will need:

wrapping paper, scissors, glue stick, ruler/measuring tape

Manu Romano

5.15-6.15pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Breath & Release

60 minutes of Yoga inspired deep stretch and fascial tension release

You will need:

2/3 yoga blocks-1 pillow- 2 small water bottles

Click here if you’re looking for Cyber SWhoop Oct 2020 videos 🙂

Your insanely good value £35 Ticket includes:

Access to the LIVE 11.5hr Zoom Cyber SWhoop event on Sunday 27th Dec


Lifetime access to all the workshop videos (12 x 1hr) and the show/raffle after the event so you don’t miss any of them!


Raffle ticket for the Cyber SWhoop raffle 🙂

Cyber SWhoop Show!

The LIVE event will end with Teacher & Guest Performances and the show will be a mini-(&very abstract) Xmas Pantomime called Peter Fan & Captain Hoop 

There are limited spaces for performances (first come, first served) – if you are performing you get a ticket to the event 🙂

I will be sharing performer paypal info for donations direct to performers. 
Think of it like a virtual street show with a paypal ‘hat’!

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