Bringing some of your favourite SWhoop teachers & some new exciting faces to your living room!

Combo Sandwiches (1 hoop) with Babz Robinson (Canada)
The Low-Down (1 hoop) with Ketishia V. (UK)
Funky AF Warm Up with Hayley Hoopla (Australia)
“Artcraft is a piece of Cake” (cake decoration) with Carole Lib&Fit (France)
Intro to Jaw-Breaks (1 hoops) with TechSwan (USA)
A Wedgie Story (1-2 hoops) with Andeli (Switzerland)
Twerk A Shop with Xena Flame (UK)

Yang to Yin Yoga with Atiya Khan (Spain/UK)
Rocking and Rolling (2 hoops) with Caterina Suttin (USA)
Ukes & Jukes with Sonal Aggarwal (USA)
Fundamentals of Tech Poi with DrexFactor Poi (USA)
Making Circus and Sexy Christmas Tree Ornaments with Kay Pink Hoops (UK)

Schedule (updated 7/10):

Please remember that your ticket includes full videos of all workshops post event 🙂

Specific Workshop Information

Hayley Hoopla

8-9am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Funky AF Warm Up

Warm up in style with Hayley Hoopla aka HoopDogg as she guides you through the funkiest, most fun warm up. Copy along to her Aerobics/dance choreography to music & add ur own flavour. Stretches included for hoopers hips. Let’s do this!

You will need:

No hoops, just clothes you can move & stretch in (I wear sneakers too). Yoga mat if your floor ain’t too comfy.


9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the HOOP room

A Wedgie Story (1 hoop)

Wedgies in different shapes & styles. The Wedgie is an oldie but goldie move and never finish. I love to show you different variations, entries & exits. Packed in Combos, mixed with Walk the Dogs, Escalators & Leg Folds. Looking forward to create a smooth & playful Wedgie Story with you! Livingroom compliant. Prerq: you know the wedgie position

You will need:

your fav hoop to wedgie

Xena Flame

9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Twerk a shop

Lets get you twerk ready for 2021 carnival guy’s, or the next kitchen rave!?

You will need:

Space, enthusiasm and positive energy

Ketishia V.

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the HOOP room

The Low-Down (1 hoop)

One for all levels, this workshop looks at ways of keeping the hoop mostly at the waist or below, and playing with levels to add dimension to your hoopdance. Warm up your legs, because it’s time to get down and dirty 😉 Pre-requisites = forward figure-8 weave, backward figure-8 weave, leg hooping with one and two legs, escalators & vortexes.

You will need:

Single hoop suitable for off-body work, ideally roughly the diameter of your inside leg

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So you saw me posting all about #FlowForBlackLives on Saturday, which was pretty great. And here’s my performance with music hopefully… and my first ever IGTV too! ?? ? I was SO nervous because I rarely film myself, I wasn’t used to hooping in here which was stressing me, I hadn’t hooped properly since December (!). I can see so many mistakes and I was getting tired after a few takes. I’ve never done a recorded/submitted piece like this, in all my years in the circle — I tend to just jam. But I did it, and I got to see the results ? And we all had an amazing time yesterday, loads of black hoopers along with white allies/other allies of colour watching together, cheering each other on and hyping each other UP ?? I’ve made so many new friends and connected with some truly brilliant people. I had hoop-rust for sure, but I definitely feel more motivated again and it’s a massive boost of confidence. And A. has been so supportive — and has also now pinned up the light fixture for me, lol? ? ? Massive shout out to @Blackgurlhoopin for putting an amazing event together — almost $7700 raised for the Bail Project and the Black and Pink Organisation! We did the damn thing. The black flow community is OUT HERE. ?? ? I love us. I love hooping. And I love being Black. ??? ? music ?: @michaelkiwanuka, “Black Man in a White World”? …watch it quick because idk how long it’ll be before IG boots it off ? ? ? #blacklivesmatter #hoopersofig #hoopersofinstagram #amplifymelanatedvoices #amplifyblackvoices #blackgirlshoop #breaksandpaddles #hoopeverydamnday #hoopeveryday #melaninpoppin #headwrapstyle #circuseverydamnday #circuseveryday #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock ?

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Carole Lib&Fit

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

“Artcraft is a piece of Cake” (cake decoration)

As it’s Emma’s Birthday, let’s decorate and have a cake! I’ve always loved creating stuff clay and paints since I was a kid… Here with only a few basic food colouring and almond paste (or sugar paste) as plasticine I’ll be happy to give you tips and advices to create decorations according to the themes you like to decorate your cake.

You will need:

A cake you have previously baked (or bought), the basic Food colouring, just blue/red/yellow is enough (usually sold in supermarkets with all the cake and candles stuff), sugar paste (easier) or almond paste (nicer to eat) and any tools you may have like a knife, a rolling pin, a sieve… And if you want, little characters like Playmobils or kinder surprise toys… For example, for my Alice in wonderland cakes I have used a little Alice in plastic and a real little playcard, or a doll tea set…)

Babz Robinson

12.15-1.15pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Combo Sandwiches (1 hoop)

Who doesn’t like a good sandwich?! And by sandwich I mean combo. Ever feel your flow is in a funk, and not in the good way? Do you find your self repeating the same moves over and over again? Using Babz’s Patented sandwich technique, she will give you the tools to create new combos with moves you already know and integrate all the new tricks you’ll learn this weekend and throughout your hooping journey. Time to freshen up your flow and toss out your mouldy sandwiches!

You will need:

one hoop (or if you only do doubles have two)

Also check them out on instagram here!

Kay Pink Hoops

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Making Circus and Sexy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Learning how to create Christmas tree ornaments or just home decorations using Salt dough! Do you feel like your Christmas tree is lacking the festive bling that it needs and you don’t want to buy more plastic tack that pollutes the planet? We will be covering how to make ornamental hula hoops, a hula hooper hooping, vaginas and more, so you’ll be ready for this winter! You could even give them away as home made gifts!

You will need:

Bag of flour, Salt, Baking tray, Baking paper or tin foil, Rolling pin, A surface/chopping board that you can create the dough shapes on, Oven

Optional Extras: Glasses, cups, toilet roll tubes (Anything circular), Cutting tools, Poking device (Pencil/pen/chopsticks/cocktail sticks/knitting needle, Thead/ribbon/wire, Cookie cutters, Scissors 


2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Intro to Jaw-Breaks (1 hoop)

In this class, we’ll tackle the jaw-breaker and some popular variations! Breaking down and mastering the mechanics and fundamentals, we’ll learn to understand the physics behind these tricks and their connection with the body in order to achieve smooth & seamless jaw-breakers. Chest roll is the only prerequisite to this class, so all levels encouraged!

You will need:

Just your hoop of preference

Sonal Aggarwal

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room


It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you’re strumming on a uke, so come play! Learn basic chords and strum patterns while we play along to some old classics and new, and some of Emma’s favourites so she can enjoy her birthday. This class is for beginners, but ukulele experts are very welcome to join.

You will need:

Ukes & Jukes

Caterina Suttin

4-5pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Rocking and Rolling (2 hoops)

In this class we will dive into some of my favourite combos using hands rolls and tosses with one and two hoops. We will be rolling the hoops on our hands and bodies while tossing the second hoop to switch hands. Many of these techniques took me several years to master, but along the way I’ve discovered some great drills, and tips that will help bring these show-stopping tricks into the body in a surprisingly accessible way

You will need:

Two Twin Hoops

DrexFactor Poi

4-5pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Fundamentals of Tech Poi

Intimidated by poi tech? This class is centered around the idea that if we work up to a trick by starting with small, simple movements and gradually building up their complexity, anyone can learn difficult tech and apply these lessons to learning a variety of tricks they encounter. Part 1 of this class covers linear extensions, creating tricks by chaining together straight lines into ever more complicated and beautiful patterns.

You will need:

A pair of poi and room to move around!

You can find Bags on IG here!

Atiya Khan

12-1pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Yang to Yin Yoga

We will practise a warming hatha yoga flow to release any tension after a full day of hooping followed by some yin poses, where we will hold a few poses for a longer period of time. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the performances 🙂

You will need:

Yoga mat / similar

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Your insanely good value £35 Ticket includes:

Access to the LIVE 11.5hr Zoom Cyber SWhoop event on Saturday 10th Oct


Lifetime access to all the workshop videos (12 x 1hr) and the show/raffle after the event so you don’t miss any of them!


Raffle ticket for the Cyber SWhoop raffle 🙂

Cyber SWhoop Show!

The LIVE event will end with both Participant and Teacher Performances. There are limited spaces for participants to perform (first come, first served).

I will be sharing performer paypal links for donations direct to performers. Think of it like a virtual street shot ‘hat’!

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