Bringing some of your favourite SWhoop teachers straight to your living room!

Hoop Class with Amber Pamba (UK)
Bellydance with Valentina Orbit (USA)
Warm Up with Sophie Carr (UK)
Origami with Christo (Germany)
Hoop Class with Reni Hardmeier (Switzterland)
Hoop Class AND Fans Class with Lila ChupaHoops (France)
Hoop Class with Mike Hayataka (USA)
Clothing Modification with LaBanana Tutu (Italy)
Yoga with Regine (The Netherlands)
Hoop Workshop with Albinoplant (USA)
Ukulele Class and your host for the day is Emma Kenna 🙂

Schedule (subject to change):

Please remember that your ticket includes full videos of all workshops post event 🙂

Your insanely good value £35 Ticket includes:

Access to the LIVE 11.5hr Zoom Cyber SWhoop event on Saturday 30th May


Access to all the workshop videos after the event so you don’t miss any of them!

Cyber SWhoop Show!

The LIVE event will end with both Participant and Teacher Performances. There are limited spaces for participants to perform (first come, first served). Please message me after you ave purchased your ticket to secure your spot in the show line up.

I will be sharing performer paypal links for donations direct to performers. Think of it like a ‘virtual hat’!

Let me know if you’d like to perform 🙂

Specific Workshop Information

AlbinoPlant aka Melissa

4-5pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Not Goddess Machines

In this workshop, we will start with the most basic sequence in the goddess machine. From there, we will learn different variations that bring the hoops from one side to the other, snapping into the same grid positions as the standard goddess machine. Variations we will learn will include smears and folds.

You will need:

2 Hoops of any size, ideally 33″ or smaller

Reni Hardmeier

10.30-11.30am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Fancy Legs for small spaces

In this workshop, we will be working on nice picks ups, and leg work. Perfect for playing in small up to very big spaces!

You will need:

Single Hoop Polyp 80-85cm (31-33″) diameter

Mike Hayataka aka That Hoop Guy

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Contact Hooping

In Contact hooping we will be using the fundamentals of folded hooping, to learn how to fold our hoop without ever gripping it! Most hoopers have experienced some of the techniques in this class, but most likely it was an accident, catching a drop, for example. We will learn how these little accidents can inform a style of hooping that resembles contact staff manipulation. In addition we will be exploring the tutting grid while contact hooping, and stall points similar to staff stall points.

You will need:

Hoop that is up to mid thigh on participant, ideally.

Amber Pamba aka Hoopital

12-1pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Whipping Isolations with Twins!

An intermediate level hoop workshop focused on Amber’s new isowhip twins tricks. Hooping in wall plane, expect whips, weaves, flips and fold, designed to be doable even in a practise space of restricted size. Check out Amber’s isowhip tutorial below if you want to get a head start!

You will need:

One set of light weight twin hoops, ideally between 28 and 34 inch diameter.

Sophie Carr

8-9pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

On body hoop warm up and work out

A total body warm up and workout with your hoop. Fun hulaerobics moves and easy choreography to get you warmed up and ready for the fun day ahead

You will need:

1 hula hoop suitable for on body hooping


9-10am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Origami Animals

In this workshop we are gonna learn to fold some cute and jaw-dropping (or should I say beak-dropping..?!) origami animals.

You will need:

Please have at least 4-5 SQUARE (!) shaped pieces of paper ready with the sides being at least a minimum of 15cm long (or bigger)

Lila Chupa Hoops

9-10am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Body Tracing Moves

In this workshop we’re gonna learn how to use our whole body in synergy with the hoop. Like how my second hand can support the trick I’m executing ? Crossed arms, ghosting and tracing are great moves to engage more physicality and presence in your hooping.

You will need:

1 hoop (light)

10.30-11.30am UK TIME in the SPIN room

I’m your FAN

Learn a choreography on the beautiful song by Leonard Cohen “I’m your man”. It is pretty slow and the whole dance can be safely reproduced with fire fans later (no tosses, no contact moves etc…). We’ll see how we can transition from the different spinning planes in one full sequence yeah !

You will need:

Any pair of fans will work as long as you have a ring to spin on your fingers or hand. Mini hoops or a small twin set will work as well !

Regine Mowill

5.15-6pm UK TIME in the HOOP room


Yin style yoga, long passive stretches, centering and opening the heart

You will need:

Bolster and block if you have them or a rolled up towel or blanket will also work 🙂

Valentina Orbit

4-5pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Intro to Bellydancing

Let’s dance! We’ll start with a full body warm up, stretches and some short strength exercises to target the specific muscles used most in belly dancing. Then we’ll go over some of my favorite movements for our hips, upper body, arms and hands. At the end we’ll put the movements together into a fun short combo set to music. This class should awaken every part of your body making you feel engaged, aware, opened and empowered!

You will need:

We might do some stretches and strength exercises on the floor so if you prefer using a yoga mat, have one ready. I like to belly dance barefoot.

LaBanana Tutu

12-1pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Pimp your Sleeves

we will learn together a simple technique to customise an old shirt to create a colourful stage outfit

You will need:

A long-sleeved shirt, fabrics or old sheets, big scissors

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I love this banana hat, such an amazing gift ?

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Emma Kenna

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room


We’ll be learning EYE OF THE TIGER! Perfect for beginners as it’s only a few chords. Also a fun challenge for more experienced players in the chorus OR just bring your kazoo!!

You will need:

A ukulele and/or a kazoo 🙂

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