Bringing some of your favourite SWhoop teachers straight to your living room!

Advanced Abstract Combos (1 hoop) with Taylor Flows (USA)
Clocks (2 hoops) with The Fiery Pixies (Indonesia/South Africa)
Bollywood Dance Workshop with Ambur Khan (UK)
Flow workshop (1 hoop) with Cat Jameson (UK)
Dancing Doubles Twirling Twins (2 hoops) with Chris (Germany)
Mandala Drawing with Stacey Nickel (UK)
Beginners Juggling with Steve Bags (USA/UK)

What’s the T – Pimp your T-shirt with Nic Hall (UK)
Connection & Play (1 hoop) with Michele Clark (Germany/USA)
Cool down with Joy Dean (UK/USA)
Warm Up with Jane Fondle (Australia)
Ukulele Class and your host for the day is Emma Kenna (Indonesia/UK)

Schedule (subject to change):

Please remember that your ticket includes full videos of all workshops post event 🙂

Your insanely good value £35 Ticket includes:

Access to the LIVE 11.5hr Zoom Cyber SWhoop event on Saturday 25th July


Lifetime access to all the workshop videos (12 x 1hr) and the show/raffle after the event so you don’t miss any of them!


Raffle ticket for the Cyber SWhoop raffle 🙂

Cyber SWhoop Show!

The LIVE event will end with both Participant and Teacher Performances. There are limited spaces for participants to perform (first come, first served).

I will be sharing performer paypal links for donations direct to performers. Think of it like a virtual street shot ‘hat’!

Specific Workshop Information

Jane Fondle

8-9am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Hoop Warm Up

Rhythm is a dancer and that dancer is Jane Fondle. She’s going to get your booty on the dance floor and make your day. Taking the passion and making it happen in a high-energy, booty poppin, hoop slingin retro dance warm-up that will get you giggling, power posing and slut-dropping your way through an hour of power. All to a playlist you can’t help singing along to. And yes don’t worry, there will be hoops. Get ready to WERQ.IT.OUT!

You will need:

Epically amazing retro fitness outfit (the tighter and brighter the better), sweat bands, power poses and SASS! And a hoop 🙂

Michele Clark

9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Connection and Play (1 hoop)

Through sharing the basis of my technique I hope to connect you to your practice in a new and personal way.

You will need:

Any hoop!

Check out Michele’s IG here

Stacey Nickel

9.15-10.15am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Mandala Drawing

Learn how to draw mandalas and bring a bit of extra peace and tranquility into your life during these crazy times!

You will need:

Paper – A4 sized is good, drawing compass, ruler, protractor, pencil, rubber (aka eraser for the US crew :P)

Chris Gogler aka C-Section

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the HOOP room

Dancing Doubles Twirling Twins (2 hoops)

In this workshop we will focus on learning technical twin hoop moves with a focus on turns and making shapes with our bodies, to really integrate dance into our twin hoop skills. This workshop will be a mixed bag of original twin hoop moves and ideas, suitable for experienced and newer hoopers, for doubles enthusiasts and even for those who just prefer to play with one hoop, there will still be a lot of tricks and content to take away with and add to your single hoop flow.

You will need:

2 fairly lightweight hoops of the same size

Check out Chris’ IG here

Emma Kenna

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room


We’ll be learning a song TBC. It’ll be perfect for beginners as it’ll only be a few chords. I’ll also make sure theres a fun challenge for more experienced players OR just bring your kazoo!!

You will need:

A ukulele and/or a kazoo 🙂

The Fiery Pixies

12.15-1.15pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Clocks (2 hoops)

Isolation Twin Tech: Learn to manipulate space and time by creating magical shapes, isolations and manipulation with mini or twin hoops. Focusing on twin hoops exploring hybrids, melting and expanding our minds with mesmerising shapes and patterns to bend space and time. We will expand both the physical body and mind to explore a magical world of intricate geometric shapes, patterns and illusions where anything is possible.?

You will need:

Twin (2) Hoops – any size

Also check them out on instagram here!

Ambur Khan aka Vibes Dance

10.45-11.45am UK TIME in the SPIN room

Bollywood Dance Workshop

Ambur will take you through a really fun & engaging Bollywood Dance Workshop. You will learn different Mudra’s ( Bollywood Hand gestures ) which will then be incorporated into Bollywood Dance moves. Ambur will then build up all the moves into a dance routine to a fabulous upbeat Bollywood Dance track. It doesn’t matter if you have never done Bollywood Dancing before as the class will be catered to suit all levels and you can always do the moves again afterwards to any Bollywood Track. So what you waiting for! Come & Join Ambur for a BOLLYTASTIC time.

You will need:

Comfortable clothing for a dance workshop ( leggings & t shirt ). Normally done in bare feet but trainers is also OK. Bollywood is all about being bright so maybe dress up a little in bright clothes to get into the mood.

Check out the Bollywood Vibes IG here

Taylor Flows

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Advanced Abstract Combos (1 hoop)

In this workshop we will cover interesting tricks and transitions to add dimension to your flow and get you moving and thinking in new ways.

You will need:

Single Hoop

Nic Hall

2.30-3.30pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

What’s the T – Pimp your T-shirt Workshop

Give your old T-shirts a new lease of life with these great t-shirt pimping hacks, some tips can also work for leggings too!

You will need:

T-shirts any size and or leggings, scissors that can easily cut material, paper and pencil for drawing templates or tailors chalk, any scrap material, a soft tape measure, ribbon and anything you would like to pimp your t-shirt with (optional) glue gun (optional)

Cat Jameson

4-5pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Flow Workshop (1 hoop)

Although extensive research has been published on ‘flow concept’, flow within hoop dance can mean different things to different people; a state of oneness with the hoop, a fluidity of movement, an out of mind experience. Ultimately, what it means to us is more free and enjoyable hoop play. Cat will lead you through a series of exercises to encourage you to explore your own unique flow

You will need:

Your favourite hoop

You can also find Cat on IG

Steve Bags

4-5pm UK TIME in the SPIN room

Beginner’s Juggling Workshop (aka Bags ‘n’ bags)

Learn to juggle the easy way with with plastic bags! This workshop will gently guide you through the process of learning to juggle bags, while also explaining how this can then be applied to learning hoop juggling. All you need are those plastic bags you have in that drawer or tucked under the sink. The teacher’s name is even Bags! – the universe must be telling you to take this workshop.

You will need:

3 regular supermarket plastic bags. Ideally not too thick but whatever you have will work.

You can find Bags on IG here!

Joy Dean

12-1pm UK TIME in the HOOP room

Cool Down with Joy

Reset and recover after your fantastic day of movement with the amazing Cyber- SWhoop facilitators. Joy will guide you through a safe and fun cool down, stretch out and relaxation session to close out your day.

You will need:

yoga mat, pillow, tennis balls or foam roller

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Hoop Flex Yoga Fusion ????? Pose of the week. King Dancer • Dancers Pose • Natarajasana * This peak pose is a great full body challenge. Requires balance and coordination; opens the chest, shoulders, and hips. Is a great enhancer for flexibility in back body, and legs with added strength training for legs, ankles and glutes. Really ease into this pose with or without the hoop, start small with balance in standing pose, and add in flexibility. Here I show options with hoop and strap, prone and seated for various levels of support and intensity. Tops tips: • breathe deeply & softly through each pose, let your breath guide you • never push yourself to pain, this can cause permenant injury, feel the stretch but no sharp pains please • baby steps, find your sticky spots and work through them slowly • engage thighs and core, activate in the standing leg or the abdomen if in prone position. This is a full body move. Each area support another. • do not pull with the hoop use your muscle to lift • try and keep the hoop flat on the horizontal Want to see more?? Check back weekly for a new move broken down, and presented, join my IGTV series #yogaathome with #yoga play and #hoopflexhoopyogafusion or meet me on the mat with @Playtone every Monday (hoop) and Friday (skaters) – all levels catered for . DM me for movement requests . Jumpsuit @iwanttogotoparadise Art by @kristjanaswilliams . . #yogapractice #yogaeveryday #yogalife #hooplife #hoopyoga #yogahoop #girlswhohoops #yogaplay #healthylife #movememt #playtime #wellness #hoophustleflow #projectplay #projectmove #moveathome #movegb #yoga #thisiswellness #sacredcircle #skatergirl #yogi #californiagirl #skaterbooty #yogabooty #hoopbooty #blackgirlyoga

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