Rolling at hoop camp

Founder of Hooping Mad, Emma has been obsessed with hooping since summer 2007 while she was writing up her PhD in Immunology.  After completing her PhD, Emma hung up her lab coat and became a full time hooper.  She has been teaching hoopdance since 2008.

Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes and workshops worldwide for the last 11 years and now teaches online through her online workshops, instagram and her ‘Hooping Mad Online Learning’ facebook group. While based in Bristol she ran the highly acclaimed hoop school Hooping Mad and has taught hundreds of people to hoop. Her student base includes hoop stars and many of her students also tour hoop workshops internationally.

She spent many years building up the Bristol hoopdance community (Best Hooping Community Hoopie and Revolvie 2012) but is now on the road teaching hoop around the world. She was the winner of Fire Hooper of the Year, and Teacher of the Year in the Hoopies. She also runs the widely acclaimed Bristol-based hoop convention SWhoop as well as a range of other events worldwide.

Emma is best known for her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, fearless approach to fire hooping, ukulele hooping and comedy thrusting!