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Emma’s online workshops are clear and excellent technical instructions for learning all things crotch related. There is something for everyone; whether a beginner or more advanced hooper Emma offers variations to suit all. I never knew how much fun crotch grabbing could be

Luna, UK about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” Online Workshop

I had a total play day today, so I was able to get through the rest of the The Crotch Extravaganza series and all the way through Everything Elbows. I LOVE YOU! Such a great teacher and totally HILARIOUS!! You made me laugh out loud many times….all while learning lots of cool new moves!

Pam, USA about the about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” and “Everything Elbows” Online Workshops

emma and smoke halo

Thank you for making these videos for us shy folk who only play with our crotches in the privacy of our own homes. : P In all seriousness, I’m enjoying the videos. What’s really helpful is that not only do you explain the moves thoroughly, and demo them from a variety of angles, but you also anticipate common mistakes and give us tips on how to correct them. Can’t wait to see which workshops come out next!

Lisa, USA about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” Online Workshop

Improve your hooping! Amaze your friends! Stun your enemies!
Give your crotch a treat it’ll never forget!
I LOVE these tutorials! As the owner of a short attention-span, the length of each section is ideal & Emma’s breakdown is clear & thorough. Nothing is missed out & she makes bad-ass tricks achievable. Every move is shown from different angles & the explanations are easy to follow. I sometimes struggle to follow tutorials & need to ask questions or get people to explain bits to me, but Emma covers everything you ever need to know about each section of the move. There’s enough to stretch the more confident hooper but it’s accessible to beginners too who want to try something different.
And it’s hilarious.
£25 for all that is mental!
Seriously, just buy it. If nothing else, it’s like having a tiny little Emma living in your laptop.
(N.B. Never do the warm up in public….)

Amanda, UK about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” Online Workshop

I just completed watching all of your videos in the series and they are wonderful. I have taken quite a few online classes and all the free vids out there. I would have to rate yours as the best in several categories. First, yours are best because you break down the moves beautifully–better than anyone that I have seen. Also you show the moves multiple times from different angles and with both directions featured. You give the students time to process.

I love the written summary of the steps. Great for those who want a quick review or to write down the steps for reference. Also you show variations and advanced versions

I think that your wedgie instruction made me much more thoughtful about technique and gave me the confidence to be intentional about positioning. Placing the hand at shoulder height was new to me and the hoop just floats into the hand, ready to carry on with other tricks, and makes for amazing flow. I also noticed that keeping my hand at my shoulder and focusing on my thigh movement gave me straight planes and better control. Thank you. My wedgie is so much better because of you. Also I have so many different ways to get into a wedgie or to save my knee hooping if I need to. Wedgies will now be a fun part of my practice.

Debbie, USA about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” Online Workshop

Oh my days, just watching the videos and the one with the warm up is hilarious, I cant stop laughing XD

On a serious note, the videos are really clear explaining how to hold your hoop and what to do and little things to watch out for. Very thorough and great taking the time to write out the summaries. Also little added tips through out about which hoops to use/hoop care etc are fantastic.

I like the written summaries in the video. It breaks it down and gives you a definite time to stop, pause and practice before moving on – which I know you can do anyway with a video but it’s stopped at a good point which you dont always get with tutorials as you dont aways know where a good stopping point would be and then you can get overloaded with information. These are just right

Thank you Emma! xx

Lyndsay, UK about “The Crotch Extravaganza!” Online Workshop

Feedback from Emma’s Live workshops…

Emma is such an incredible teacher. I’ve had the privilege of taking nearly 10 workshops in person and fall in love each time. She makes even the most insanely complicated moves seem so simple to learn for very many learning styles. Emma does exceptionally well at teaching different skill levels in one class and making the material accessible for anyone. She is a joy to hoop with and shares so much information with anyone in her classes. You won’t stop laughing the whole workshop! Just a fun experience all around.

Emma is an incredibly approachable teacher who is able to break down hoop tricks, making the seemingly impossible, possible. I was impressed by her ability to teach hoopers of all skill levels in our class. I now have so many cool things to practice and cannot wait to learn from her again!

The Crotch Extravaganza and Transitioning with Twins workshops were absolutely awesome! We covered a ton of moves and every single thing we learned was new for me which is rare for a workshop, so I’m super excited to have so many new and versatile tools to play with. And we all had a ton of fun, which is the most important part after all! Emma can we just keep you here forever and ever pretty please?

You get great value for money. Always.

There is something special and awesome about this lady beyond her crazy incredible hoop skills and her ability to break down and relate information tailored to the needs of the individual. I learned so much from her workshop, and it felt like being with old friends! If you have the opportunity, jump at it and get some EMMA!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your light-hearted yet incredibly inspiring and educational workshop! You are a great teacher!

NOLA 1 group shot

Thanks so much for coming to teach us so much awesomeness!! I feel so inspired!

I am still comprehending the awesomeness of today’s workshops. I am so inspired right now. It was totally what I needed and a lot of things coincided with things I had been working on. Mega breakthroughs. And just so much inspiration.

Thanks so much for sharing so much with me online and now in person. You taught me moves in minutes I couldn’t figure out in years. Till next time, crotch thrust!!!!!!!

Just brilliant teaching – fun and easy to follow, and not bombarded with impossible looking tricks that aren’t broken down or explained in detail, as I have experienced with some other teachers.

I haven’t been hooping for very long and this was my first workshop, I was quite anxious about whether I would be good enough, but Emma broke it down so I picked stuff up quite quickly!! It was a lot of fun and I will recommend the workshop to all the other hoopers I meet along my hooping way!!!

Emma Rocks! She is an inventive, comprehensive teacher who has done wonders for the hooping community!

they are so much fun, and Emma is an awesome, patient teacher. I find Emma’s approach to teaching hoop is quite laid back which creates a great workshop atmosphere, but this doesn’t stop you learning loads.

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Emma’s friendly and fun teaching style makes you feel at ease. This makes a great learning environment! Emma breaks down tricks logically which made them much easier to learn. The music was brilliantly uplifting. It is a great way to meet other local hoopers. x

Emma makes learning knew tricks, grips, jumps and any hoopy moves accessible and fun. She breaks it all down so well for all levels and brings it all together with great ideas for tranistioning between moves. I always come away feeling inspired and enthusiastic.

Emma is a fantastic teacher who thoroughly tears through workshops so you come away with a head full of knowledge. It’s always a great laugh and a fantstic way to meet people.

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